In connection with the presence of companies and parties that use and act in the name of ARIA PROPERTY INDONESIA for their personal interests and benefits, together with this we announce, that the parties can first confirm to our parties via email if there are parties who claim to be ARIA PROPERTY INDONESIA. We also want to announce that ARIA PROPERTY INDONESIA does not collect any fees, including administrative fees up front.

Invest For Future Project

Aria Indonesia during the period of early 2013 plans to launch investment reaches 5 billion USD and will continue to grow until it reaches 25 billion USD in the second period of 2014. The investment value is divided into two parts type of investment, grants for humanitarian projects and soft loans for commercial projects. ​On the humanitarian project, the Global Trustee will be more focus on community health projects and economic development, especially economic development in developing countries.

Aria managed by experts who have experience in Banking, finance, infrastrucre, technology development, biology and other fields. Experts are working to develop a global trustee for the world and develop new things useful for the world community. Our management committee oversees all the foundation's efforts. The committee meets regularly to ensure that all of our teams perform efficiently and to facilitate cross-functional connections.

Aria conducts research development work, administration and execution of multilateral projects that encompass self-sustainability, strategic articulation amongst the public sector and private national, multilateral and international companies, NGOs and foundations to better serve the developing world with efficient functional strategies. The services of the group are available in several different ways from a very specific single consultation, to turn-key operations and long term contracts for administration of projects, according to the specific characteristics of each case.


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